About Kundadri Hill

Kundadri hill lies in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Lying at an altitude of 976m above sealevel, Kundadri hill is home to a Jain temple built during seventeenth centuary. During the eve of Makara Sankranti, Jain piligrims gather at the hill top in large numbers. The temple premises also has a pond. Kundadri hill is actually a huge monolith with vegetation cover. The view from Kundadri hill is excellant and on clear sunsets the Arabian sea can be spotted. There is a tarred road as well as a trek trail from the base to the top.

Places nearby Kundadri Hill

Besttime for Kundadri Hill

Best time to visit Kundadri Hill is during October to January.

Food and Accomodation

One will have to stay at Tirthahally or at Agumbe to hike the Kundadri hill. Packed food is neccessary for visiting the place as there are no food options at the top. Another option for stay is at Sringeri.

Reaching Kundadri Hill

Kundadri Hill is 340km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Tumkur - Arsikere - Kadur - Tarikere - Shimoga - Thirthrahalli - Guddekeri - Kundadri Hill.

KSRTC runs direct services Bangalore to Agumbe which passes through Guddekeri. One can also reach Tirthahally by direct KSRTC services from Bangalore. From Tirthahally KSRTC and private buses are available to Guddekeri(9kms away).

Kundadri Hill Trips


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