Kerala State Road Transport Corporation
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About Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

KeralaSRTC is run by the Government of Kerala. The Corporation runs bus services throughout the Kerala state and to important cities in neighbouring states - Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. KeralaSRTC provides buses namely Ordinary, Fast Passenger, Super Fast, Express, Super Deluxe, A/C Air bus, Garuda Volvo Bus etc. The Corporation provides advance reservation facilities for long distance and inter-state routes.

KeralaSRTC at Bangalore

KeralaSRTC runs buses from Bangalore to major towns in Kerala. The Corporation provides two Reservation Counters at Bangalore one at Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic Bus Station) and another at Mysore Road Satellite Bus Teminus.

Details :

Station NameWorking HoursContact
Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic)-KBS06:15AM to 09:30PM08022269508
Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station-MSBS06:30AM to 09:30PM08026756666

The various schedules operated from Bangalore city are listed below.

TimeClassDestinationRouteStart Point
06:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
06:30Super DeluxePERINTHALMANNAMysore, Gudallur, NilamburMSBS
07:00Super DeluxeSULTHAN BATHERYMysore, Gundalpete, MuthangaMSBS
08:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
09:00Super FastKANNURMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
10:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
10:00Super FastMALAPPURAMMysore, Sulthan Bathery, Thamarassery, MukkamMSBS
10:30A/C BusKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
11:00Super FastVATAKARAMysore, Sulthan Bathery, ThottilpalamMSBS
12:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
13:00A/C BusPALAMysore, Kozhikode, ThrissurMSBS
14:00Super DeluxeGURUVAYOORMysore, Gudalur, NilamburMSBS
14:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
15:45Super DeluxeKOTTAYAMMysore, Gudalur, ThrissurMSBS
16:00Super DeluxeMUNNARMysore, Kozhikode, Thrissur, KothamangalamMSBS
16:15ExpressERANAKULAMPalakkad, ThrissurMSBS
16:30Super DeluxeERANAKULAMMysore, Gudallur, Nilambur, ThrissurMSBS
17:00A/C VolvoTHIRUVANANTHAPURAMPalakkad, Ernakulam, KollamMSBS
17:30Super DeluxeKOTTARAKKARAPalakkad, Thrissur, KottayamMSBS
18:15Super DeluxeTHIRUVALLAPalakkad, Ernakulam, AlappuzhaMSBS
18:30A/C BusKOTTAYAMPalakkad, ThrissurMSBS
18:30Super DeluxeKOZHIKODEMysore, Hunsur, MananthavadyMSBS
19:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Hunsur, MananthavadyMSBS
19:30A/C BusTHRISSURSalem, PalakkadMSBS
19:30Super DeluxeTHALASSERYMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
20:15ExpressPAYYANNURMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
20:30ExpressPAYYANNURMysore, Virajpete, Iritty, KannurMSBS
20:30Super DeluxeKASARAGODHassan, MangaloreKBS
20:30Super FastKALPETTAMysore, Gonikoppal, MananthavadyMSBS
21:00Super DeluxePALAKKADSalem, CoimbatoreMSBS
21:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Hunsur, ManathavadyMSBS
21:15Super DeluxeKANNURMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
21:30ExpressKANNURMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
22:00A/C BusTHRISSURSalem, PalakkadMSBS
22:00ExpressKANNURMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
22:30Super FastTHALASSERYMysore, Virajpete, IrittyMSBS
23:00A/C BusERNAKULAMMysore, Kozhikode, ThrissurMSBS
23:00Super DeluxeTHRISSURMysore, Gudallur, NilamburMSBS
23:00Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
23:30Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS
23:30A/C BusERANAKULAMMysore, Kozhikode, ThrissurMSBS
23:59Super FastKOZHIKODEMysore, Sulthan BatheryMSBS

All the data furnished above have been obtained from KeralaSRTC Reservation Counter at Kempegowda Bus Station and are subject to change without notice.

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