About Ikkeri

Ikkeri is a small village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The village was once the capital of Keladi Nayaka Chiefs. The Aghoresvara temple at Ikkeri was built by Keladi Nayaka. At the temple entrance one can find a statue of Nandi. The main temple complex is made of granite and is a splendid structure. Inside the temple one can huge beautifully carved pillars. Both Dravidian and Chalukyan styles are visible in the temple construction and sculptures. Various rock carvings out side the temple depict erotic postures.

Places nearby Ikkeri

Besttime for Ikkeri

Best time to come to visit Ikkeri is just after rains from September to January

Food and Accomodation

There are hotels and restaurants available at Sagar(3km away). Other towns with stay options are at Shimoga(50km away) and Jog Falls (40km away).

Reaching Ikkeri

Ikkeri is 355km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Tumkur - Tiptur - Kadur - Arsikere - Tarikere - Shimoga - Sagara - Ikkeri

KSRTC runs direct buses from Bangalore to Sagara. From Sagara the temple is 3km away. Another way is to reach Shimoga by direct IRCTC or KSRTC services from Bangalore. From Shimoga lots of private and KSRTC buses are available to Sagara.

Ikkeri Trips


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