About Bhadra WLS

Bhadra WLS is spread over the Chickamagalur and Shimoga districts. Its western boundary is the Bhadra reservoir. The sanctuary hosts wild variety of flora and fauna. Tigers, Leopards, Gaurs and a wide variety of birds can be seen here. Close to the Bhadra reservoir you can see a bird called River Turn in huge numbers especially during the monsoon season. The Jungle Lodge at Lakkavalli arranges boating and kayaking in the Bhadra reservoir.

Places nearby Bhadra WLS

Besttime for Bhadra WLS

Season is from winter months till the summer months. November to April is the best time.

Food and Accomodation

The River Turn Jungle Lodge is the best place for stay and food. Forest guest house at Lakkavalli can also be opted for stay else you will have to go to Tarikere or Bhadravati for stay.

Reaching Bhadra WLS

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is 250km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Tumkur - Tiptur - Arsikere - Tarikere - Lakkavalli - Bhadra WLS.

You can reach till Tarikere from Bangalore in KSRTC buses going to Shimoga side. From there you will have to take private buses to reach Lakkavalli.

Bhadra Trips


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